elwologojpgELWO Engineering Sp. z o.o. is a specialist company offering complete solutions in the field of dedusting devices used, for power generation, heating and other industries. Our solutions have been successfully working for decades.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, procurement, diagnosis and service of:

* electrostatic precipitators

* fabric filters

* ash handling systems

* comprehensive flue gas cleaning installations

We advise, design and offer our equipment in a “turn-key system”, we offer service of delivered installations and after sales service.

We carry out expert opinions of the technical condition of dedusting equipment operating at the Customer's premises, and indicate effective solutions to improve their performance. 

Taking into consideration the needs of our Clients, we provide professional assistance and knowledge and offer manual trainings for the Customer’s employees.

Our professional experience and passion with which we act, gives our Clients a guarantee of reliability of our installations, as well as compliance with the most hard emission requirements


We employ only the best professionals with many years of experience in the industry, for whom work is a real passion. We work with business partners who offer services and products of the highest quality. We are able to offer reliable technological solutions of dedusting devices for every Customer, regardless of the industry in which Customer operates.


Our additional asset is the activity within the Czech capital group ZVVZ Group, thanks to which we are able to offer comprehensive prices in the range of selection and delivery of other dedusting devices and installations.  You can obtain more information about ZVVZ Group at: